Suntaa-nuntaa Rural Development Programme Snrdp, Legon, Ghana, West Africa

SUNTAA-NUNTAA is a wholly Ghanaian NGO set up in 1990 by Mr. Robert Loggah. The aim is to fight degradation of natural resources in the Upper West Region in Ghana. SUNTAA also tries to empower the poor so that they can attain household security, that is sufficient food and sufficient cash for medicines and education. This is done by means of education and training of Women’ Groups in over 80 villages in the Upper West Region.

The activities include agroforestry, poultry, animal rearing, tree planting and nursing, health matters, cottage industries and other income generating activities. Much of this training is done through Theatre for Development. One of the unexpected benefits of the regular group meetings has been the growth of greater unity among the women, more co-operation and less conflict. The women pool their knowledge and experience to solve common problems.

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